Our Mission is to provide a simple and efficient training and nutrition system that is scientifically proven to guarantee results!

The Liftlab performance coaching is a personal training service led by Perth’s number 1 Trainer Shayne Smith (source: Urban List). We use a measurable, scientific training and nutrition system that delivers results. Our clients can not only see and feel the difference, but they can track their progress through technology exclusive to The Liftlab. We are committed to the continued development and education of our Coaches. That’s why you will receive the same experience and advice no matter who your Coach is. Read the testimonials and see the amazing transformations of our clients throughout this website.


Train with the best - The Liftlab is home of the best trainer in Perth! We have a scientific, systemised approach to training that anyone can follow. Whether you are a complete beginner, someone trying to get back on track, have a busy corporate lifestyle or a world champion bikini or fitness model. Our training systems will cater to your needs, just bring a good attitude and be ready to work…. we will take care of the rest! Set your goal, put a plan in place to suit your lifestyle, keep accountable and get results!


Nutrition programs at The Liftlab are developed from current scientific testing and lifestyle based sustainability in mind, to ensure you reach your body composition goals. The best diet is the one that you can maintain. Let us show you.


Saturday 9.30am - HIIT

one on one
two on one
small group training

Saturady 11am - Squats & Deadlift ($35)

$59/week for access to all classes
$79/week all classes + nutrition & body composition accountability*
$25 casual class

Confirm your spot for the classes as they fill up quickly.
*=Fully personalised Nutrition programs are a one-off fee of $200. Our $79 program will include fortnightly skin fold tracking and nutrition updates according to your goals and results.


Is a back injury limiting your movements or preventing you from training? The Liftlab offers programs to help rehabilitate spinal injuries. Come in for a consultation to see how our methods can help you get your confidence back in the gym and to achieve your health and fitness goals pain free.

Here at The Liftlab, personal trainers Jessica Minorgan, Marty Radford, Nick Loucaides and Shayne Smith have over 35 years of strength and weight training experience between them. We specialise in post-injury rehabilitation, body composition, strength training and lean muscle gain, providing customised training and nutrition plans. Shayne and Nick have personal experience of spinal surgery, both having undergone lumbar microdiscectomy and successfully rehabilitating their backs through formal progressive strength training.

Nothing strengthens the musculature of the spine like perfectly performed barbell movements as it teaches the individual how to control and stabilise their spine under load.


Jon Sharp

After 28 healthy years which included a lot of sport (AFL) I somehow developed a bulging disc in L4/L5.

I lived with the pain for approximately 8 years before it finally became too much, and I opted for surgery. Post-surgery I had automatic relief from the pain, however the question was now what next!!! Under direction from a physio I tried strengthening my core in the gym, however this just aggravated a still sensitive nervous system. The advice from countless Doctors and even the Surgeon was just ‘take it easy’ and definitely stay away from the gym.

Luckily a client referred me to his trainer, Mr Shayne Smith. At this stage I was willing to try anything. Shayne having had a very similar procedure but still able to obviously train at a very high level gave me enormous confidence. He took the time to explain how nothing strengthens the spine like perfectly performed barbell movements as it teaches you how to control and stabilise your spine under load. This was music to my ears as I had zero confidence in my body and was still bracing for the next ‘incident’.

Over the last 2 years I have been seeing Shayne and now Nick, twice a week, every week without fail. One day for deadlifts and one day for squats. I cannot praise them and their programs enough. Simply put they changed my life. I am stronger, leaner and most importantly have the confidence to be physically active with my three kids.

In addition to the training, its having a two-outstanding people (Shayne and Nick) who are always there to answer questions and provide support.
The confidence I have gained from developing strength through my lower back, core, glutes and legs has been awesome, but an added bonus was being able to cut my skinfolds in half (160 to 82) and reduce my bodyfat from 18% to 9%.

I know a lot of people who see a PT, but none even get close to the professionalism, knowledge and passion Shayne and his team have for training and nutrition. Can’t recommend them highly enough ☺

Jackie Brown

What was the reason or problem you were experiencing that caused you to reach out to The Liftlab?

I was referred to The Liftlab by my Neurosurgeon Quentin Malone. Many years ago,  I was diagnosed with spondyiolethesis at L4- L5- S1 which required me to have a spinal fusion. This eventually caused issues with my back higher up and my neck and I had a recurring problem that saw me with numbness and pins/needles down my arms due to nerves being trapped. Surgery would have been the next option.

Had you previously tried anything to solve the problem?

Over the years I have tried so many things to ease the pain. I have tried numerous medications including painkillers, anti-inflammatories and neuropathic pain stoppers. I have had treatment from physiotherapists, chiropractors, and even tried acupuncture and had to have surgery. All of these gave results that were minimal and only gave relief for a short period of time. They were very costly.

What results did you achieve from training at The Liftlab?

I am definitely getting stronger and my muscles are able to cope with a lot more pressures of everyday life without getting so fatigued. The pain in my neck and arms has gone completely and the pain in my lower back, which I have lived with for nearly 30years, is much less and a lot more manageable. I am hardly taking any medication at present, I feel fitter, stronger and healthier than I have since my teenage years.

What was the best thing about your training?

I can finally see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pain cycle. Getting stuck in the cycle of - pain /no exercise/put on more weight/feel drepressed/eat more/ put on weight/more pain etc is not the way I choose to live my life anymore and I can see there is a way out and I am well on my way to living pain free.

Were there any other benefits you enjoyed as a result of your training?

Good nutrition – I am learning what to eat and when to eat it. I now know what foods are important fuel my body correctly.  I am eating better than ever before, I feel fantastic and the results are starting to show. I have encompassed what I have learnt at the The Liftlab and started to use it as part of my eating habits at home and my family are now also starting to see the benefits.

Improved mental health – there is nothing worse than living with constant pain. Along with the help of my PT Nick, I have managed to change my mindset from one of “I can’t do that”  to one of, “I can do anything I want, I just have to do it the right way”. I am loving training at the gym.

Lifestyle Change - I am losing weight, feeling fitter and have energy to burn. I have really started to discover who I am as a person and finding out that there are many things in life that I can start to enjoy again. I am trying to get to the gym three times a week now because I can, not because I have to. I never thought I was the type of person that would be excited about going to the gym, but I am. I am enjoying every minute of it – go figure!!!

What would you say to someone who has a similar injury and is considering The Liftlab?

I would say “give it a go” and stick to it. Put your trust in them, they know what they are doing. They teach you how to do all the exercises in a respectful, friendly and professional manner. When you have lived with pain for so long it can be scary to put your trust in anyone but The Liftlab staff seem to know how much to push and what your body is capable of, even if you are not convinced of it yourself but most importantly they know when not to.  You will find you will hit several mental roadblocks along the way but if you trust your Personal Trainer and you push through those doubts you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Initially the cost of going to try weight training as a form of rehabilitation was a little hard to take. Being a single parent I was not sure it was something I could work into my budget, but decided to give it a go as I had tried just about everything else and did not want to end up having surgery again. It’s now almost 8 months later and I can honestly say that it was definitely worth it and a whole lot more. I cannot thank the staff from The Liftlab enough for showing me that there is another way to live.



Simply select your appointment type, your preferred instructor, and a date that's suitable for you. You can pay online, reschedule if necessary, and more.


The Liftlab performance coaching is a personal training service led by Perth’s number 1 Trainer Shayne Smith (source: Urban List). We are committed to the continued development and education of our Coaches. That’s why you will receive the same experience and advice no matter who your Coach is.


Head Coach

Shayne has been a qualified personal trainer since 2005. Shayne specialises in maximum hypertrophy, male, female bodybuilding and sport model competition preparation. Shayne’s refined approach comprises of highly individualised nutrition and training to support fat loss and maximal muscle gain in synergy. When up-skilling himself, Shayne contracts only the best, having been coached by IFBB professional bodybuilders Milos Sarcev, Ben Pakulski and Tom Platz. Shayne has also won numerous bodybuilding titles including: 1st Place IFBB super heavy weight division and overall winner 2012 and 2013 and spent 4 years under strength and conditioning coach Marty Harland from Sydney University Rugby. Shayne played 1st grade rugby for Associates Rugby and grade Sydney University, Shayne also spent time playing junior rugby league for the Balmain Tigers Jersey Flegg team.


Hypertrophy & Nutrition Coach

Jessica is a qualified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition coach. Specialising in nutrition and fat loss, strength training, and female/male physique building competition preparation.

Jessica has studied and continues to study Health Science at Curtin University. Regularly upskilling her training and nutrition in learning from the best health and fitness experts in the world including IFBB professional athletes and coaches such as Milos Sarcev, John Meadows, John Bernadi and many more. Jess has also completed Sebastian Oreb's (aka Australian strength coach) Level 1 and Hattie Boydle (WBFF world champion) Female Strength course.


Nutrition Coach

Sasha is a qualified precision nutrition coach, international bikini pro athlete and published sports model. With 6 years experience in the supplement industry and furthering her studies in nutrition, she has continued to educate herself in the health and fitness field she is so passionate about.
Sasha has been a client of ours since 2015 and within that time she has traveled internationally to compete at the highest level and win her division on the world stage in Canada. Since then Sasha has had baby and is back training full time having competed 14 months postpartum.
She understands first hand what it takes to still reach your health and fitness goals while juggling being a fulltime mum and working. Sasha is proof that our LiftLab methods work for everyone regardless of how busy their life is.


Corporate Strength Coach

Marty is an experienced strength coach who specialises training corporate clients. As a qualified Accountant himself, Marty understands first-hand the demands of a busy corporate lifestyle and the importance of developing a strong healthy body and mind. He develops training programs that deliver the results his clients want; fat loss, strength and energy gain.
Outside of the gym Marty is a lover of the outdoors and staying active. Having played state rugby for Zimbabwe he was subject to world class performance coaching in a team environment. 
Like all of our Coaches, Marty has been handpicked by The Lift Lab because of his expertise, experience and desire to help our clients get world class results. He’s completed The Lift Lab mentoring program and continues to participate in our regular professional development and education sessions to ensure we continue to be Perth’s best trainers.


Our clients commit to training with us because they are results orientated and they understand that nothing less than a professional is required to get them to where they want to be. We ask all of our prospective clients to make a commitment to us, and also their goals. We guarantee results, and for this reason, we do not take on clients who are not serious or who are not prepared to commit to our programs.

Rachel Lealiifano

Rachel's story

Under the guidance of our PT Coach and Nutrition Coach Rachel was able to achieve outstanding results.  Her disciplined approach to her training saw her complete weight sessions 4/5 times per week whilst following her nutrition plan. We were so proud to see Rachael enter a Physique Competition showing off her new body!

Roberta Westlund

Roberta's story

Roberta Westlund is a corporate client that has achieved outstanding results since training with Jessica Minorgan.  In addition to 2-3 PT sessions a week Roberta followed Jessica’s nutrition program to complete this amazing body transformation.

Chris Carter

Chris's story

Chris is a long term client of our Head Coach Shayne Smith.  Chris’s dedication to his training and nutrition has seen him achieve outstanding results.  Under Shayne’s guidance Chris has been able to develop a nutrition and exercise routine that works for his lifestyle.

John Elliot

John's story

When you have finished trying to find the miracle, and you want the real deal, then speak with Shayne and his team for advice that actually works!’

Gareth Simpson

Gareth's story

Gareth trained with Shayne 5 days per week again following Jessica's nutrition programs. Training with a personal trainer this often you can imagine the results came very fast Gareth got to his goal in only 3 months increasing his lean muscle mass by 10kgs and dropping 15% body fat. Gareth was not doing any weights training before hand so he responded very fast to the training and nutrition. Gareth and Shayne reset his goals and he managed to put further amounts of muscle and strip even more body fat.

Lennox Saint

Lennox's story

"Before my time with Shayne and his team, I had three years of experience in the gym. In July of last year, I decided to seek some professional assistance with weightlifting and nutrition as I was unhappy with my progress. I chose to take a ‘leap of faith’, so to speak, and I can thankfully say almost a year later that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I personally underwent a 12-week program that included four personal training sessions a week, plus a nutrition plan. Upon following the recommended principles of nutrition, alongside giving 100% in the gym, I can wholeheartedly say that my sense of general wellbeing improved dramatically. Initially the whole program appeared to be daunting and simply impractical. Despite this, I can assure anyone who is undecided that after a few weeks of dedication to the program it will seamlessly incorporate itself into your busy lives."

Callan Darlik

Callan's story

"Thanks Shayne and Jess for helping achieve better than what I thought I could achieve. I feel better than I ever have, the diet and workout regime is very realistic and easy to maintain I'll never go back to the way I was eating again."

Matty Maartensz

Matty's story

Matt was 37kg with a lung function of only 25% when he started. He couldn't even lift an empty bar when he walked into the gym, we had to start him on 3kg Dumbbells. Doctors had told him that it was nearly impossible for him to put weight on with his condition. Matt was born with cystic fibrosis, a lung disorder that has a life expectancy of early 30s. About 7 years ago the drs told Matt his condition was worsening and needed to put weight on- but didn't know how he possibly could. Shayne disagreed with the doctors: he believed Matt could put on weight. Shayne saw Matt as a opportunity to prove the doctors wrong. Over the next couple of years Matt went from the extremely frail 37kgs with low self esteem to a 70kg man full of confidence an much improved health! 

Devastatingly, Matt's journey was hindered again in march 2014 when the drs said without a double lung transplant he would die. He went on the transplant list, and 3 days and some very emotional phone calls later he had new lungs. Shayne visited Matt in hospital and we knew we were in for some new challenges that we would have to overcome. Matt struggled after his op to get back to feeling normal and to regain all the muscle he lost from the surgery and the extensive hospital stay. Once out, Matt was extremely keen to get back in the gym - so keen he came back three days after he got home! 

Matts doctors said he wouldn't be able to lift more than 2kg ever again, he now has a 85% lung function, is 78kg, 5% body fat and lifts double his body weight! He since competed in a powerlifting competition, he won his weight division.

Matt continues to train with Shayne, Jess and Nick the whole team at The Liftlab and betters himself with every session. Matt is an inspiration to our whole team and are glad we were able to help him in his amazing journey. 

Elliot Burton

Elliot's story

Dan Gomer

Dan's story

Dan trained with Shayne following a flexible nutrition plan with a goal to lose 20kgs in 12 weeks (we at The Liftlab do not condone this). Shayne took on the challenge. Dan had a grand opening for one of his restaurants coming up, he had to speak in front of media, friends and family and he wanted to get into the best shape of his life. Dan trained his butt off for 12 weeks with Shayne 3 days a week and followed a loose training program outside of these PT sessions. He was also only following Shayne’s basic nutritional guide lines, not a customised strict nutrition plan. Dan never weighed any food, just followed our nutrition principals. Dan ended up losing nearly 25kgs in 12 weeks.


Hello, my name is Kathryn, I’m 58 and used to be one of “those” people who could eat anything….then I hit my fifties, enough said. We moved to Australia in 2007 from the UK and fell completely in love with our new Ozzie life, the hot sunny days, the relaxed lifestyle, the wine, the barbecues, I’d even found the shops where I could buy English chocolate!! I hadn’t really noticed the weight creeping on until I saw a photo of myself, I had gained 20kgs and was ashamed of how I looked. I joined a Local Boot Camp going 3-4 times a week, I started losing the weight, but in 2013 I fractured my hip and in 2014 fractured the other hip, my bone density was low, I kept up with Boot Camp for a while then left. In January 2016 I broke my foot, I was unhappy with my weight so joined the Goodlife Gym near where I work, in February 2016 me and my moon boot started personal training with Fran Mulbe. Personal Training seemed to be working, Fran kept me accountable and on track, I was losing weight and getting stronger but I still felt my mind set was not right, in September 2017 Fran left and I met Marty Radford, another Personal Trainer at Goodlife, at this point I was 73kgs - not where I wanted to be. From the outset Marty and I set goals, lose 10kgs, tone, gain strength, be happy with myself and all this with no injuries, Marty was enthusiastic, me less so. I also had a beautiful dress that no longer fitted me, I used this as one of my success measures. I was anxious, given my history, Marty was not easy on me and I will admit in those early days training was hard, but he listened, he was patient, he concentrated on my technique, he knew just how far to push and motivate me, we also worked on my diet, I could see the change not only in my body and strength but in my mind set, his knowledge gave me confidence and in 8 months I have lost just over 10kgs, I am feeling the strongest I have felt in a very long time and all with no injuries, my latest scan shows my bone density has increased by 15%, this is working……although the chin-up still alludes me I am now in the beautiful dress!! Marty is now moving to a new gym that specialises in training and nutrition, I am following him there with some new goals and cannot wait to continue this journey with Marty and the Lift Lab team.


Now I'm not one for selfies BUT I do think it’s important to demonstrate that I practise what I preach. Even I have my own goals (& sometimes battles) - to gain and maintain weight - I know it’s not a common problem among women but you always want what you can't have, right?! The picture on left is me at my lowest weight - unhealthy model diet (starvation) with long hours of cardio, this was a couple of years before the start of my fitness journey. The picture on the right shows what correct and sustainable nutrition with the right kind of training for your goals can do - for me that was gaining healthy weight in the form of lean muscle with a small increase in healthy body fat. The picture on the right was taken last Nov (after approx. 1 year of consistent proper nutrition and weight training - starting out at 51kgs) and since then I have gone up to 58.6kgs which is just in the 'healthy weight range'. While I don't like to concentrate too much on the number on the scale sometimes it’s important, so I don't fall too far the opposite way again! But I am still a work in progress, ideally for my height I want to be sitting around 60-62kgs - this is my next goal but I'm in no rush. For me it’s about having a maintainable lifestyle that I enjoy while reaching my goals. I got these results with the help of the best personal trainer in WA - Mr Shayne Smith of The Liftlab. Yes, even a trainer needs a trainer!! A PT will push you further than you would ever push yourself in a gym session and with proper nutritional guidance and somebody to be accountable to it helps keep you on track to get you where you want to be. I am forever thankful for all the information and guidance Shayne showed me during my time in WA and thanks to his beautiful girlfriend for keeping my nutrition on track. An unstoppable team!

Jaimie Tucker

I decided I wanted to start personal training again after having 2 small kids. I wanted to do something for myself again and loose weight and tone up. My first session with Jess was great, she knew my goals and gave me a food plan that was easy to follow and suited my lifestyle.

After training for about 5 months I have lost a significant about of body fat and have changed my body shape completely. Jess has an amazing amount of knowledge about nutrition and exercise and pushes me to get amazing results. Not only is Jess an amazing personal trainer but she is so lovely to deal with. All the trainers at The Liftlab are awesome and I regularly recommended them to all my friends.


Shayne and Jess have prepped many clients from never having competed before to world champions! They have also prepped world class athletes to even better physiques. Please enquire about The Liftlab's approach to a world class competition physique.

Arnold classic AU bodybuilding competitors

Chris Carter / Ben-Lee D’limi

Coach Shayne Smith


Shayne is a well-established bodybuilder himself winning multiple IFBB state overall titles. With his experience and world-wide education over the last decade, Shayne is a class above when it comes to coaching in bodybuilding, physique or bikini. Shayne has and still is coaching many pro physique and bikini competitors, state champions, national champions, and even natural World champions and Olympia physique champions. Shayne prepares clients for competitions in all federations.

1st place INBA world Bikkini champion PNBA professional athlete

Charlotte Moss

Coach Shayne Smith

Charlotte's story

Charlotte has been training with Shayne for 3 years now. When she first started, she had a goal of doing a bikini competition. Shayne and Jessica put her on a nutrition and training program specifically designed to her goals, coupling her programs with two 1 on 1 personal training sessions per week. Charlotte got on stage in 6 months and won her first bikini competition. Charlotte went on to win further state and international shows being awarded her bikini pro card in Dubai as a PNBA pro bikini model. 

ICN WA top 5 fitness model

Steve Colomb

Coach Shayne Smith

Steve's story

Steve came to Shayne a few years ago just wanting to slightly increase lean muscle and decrease bodyfat. He has a heavy work load as a senior engineer and he never thought it would be possible to compete. After a year of training and following our nutrition plan, Steve got into great shape even with his busy corporate lifestyle. Shayne and Steve set a goal to do a natural men’s physique competition. Steve prepared for the WA state INBA competition and got into the best shape of his life and placed 5th in a massive line up which had over 20 competitors. Steve still maintains a great physique even a year after his competition and still trains with Shayne twice a week.

ICN, Wbff and Ifbb national Bikini competitor

Karla Reyes

Coach Shayne Smith

Karla's story

Karla has been a long-time client of Shayne, she first came to Shayne after her first competition where she had done very well. Karla was looking to see if she could push herself and her physique even further. Karla went on to compete numerous times in the INBA, IFBB and WBFF federations nationally. She managed to push her physique far beyond what she could have dreamed of.

1st place Amateur Men’s Physique Mr Olympia PNBA professional athlete

Zak Guild

Coach Shayne Smith

Zak's story

Zak competed in his first show without a coach; he achieved amazing results by himself. Shayne helped him back stage at that comp, they went along well straight away, and a few weeks later Zak contacted Shayne for full time coaching and training. He went on Jess and Shayne's training and nutrition programs, also training with Shayne twice a week. The following show, he had huge improvement across the board in leanness, muscle size and shape. Zak went on to win state and international shows in Vagas competing and winning the amateur Natural Mr Olympia men's physique, going on to win his Pro card in the PNBA division where he competed that day as a professional competitor.

The Lift Lab

If you are serious about comp prep, want to take your physique to the next level and get into the best shape of your life, we are ready to take you there!
We have taken clients from office jockey to World and Olympia Champions! Our clients have taken out multiple State, National, World and Olympia titles across all federations. We train multiple pro IFBB and PNBA athletes. You could be the next pro athlete!

Ifbb WA top 5 novice bodybuilding

Nic Syme

Coach Shayne Smith

Nic's story

When Nic first came to Shayne, the first thing Shayne noticed was Nic’s body language and shy personality. Shayne took Nic on as he knew he had the passion, drive and work ethic to achieve great results. Nic ended up competing two years later on a body building stage and got into amazing shape. This was not the best thing to come out of Nic’s physical results though, what followed was a new-found confidence and self-esteem. I believe he even met his fiancé soon after his competition. Nic also went on to become a very successful personal trainer himself and competed again, this time using his own knowledge to grace the stage and again achieving an incredible physique on stage. Truly amazing results across the board.

ICN WA 1st place Bikini short And Overall winner

Roberta Westlund

Coach Jessica Minorgan

Roberta Westlund
ICN WA 1st place Bikini short
And Overall winner
Coach Jessica

IFBB WA 1st Place Classic Bodybuilding Division And Overall Winner

Sahil Malhotra

Coach Shayne Smith

Sahil's story

Sahil is one of our vegetarian clients who came to Shayne for competition prep. Sahil had competed before and he was looking to push himself to the next level. Shayne worked with Sahil for a full year before they decided he would take to the stage. Sahil ended up getting to one of the lowest body fat readings he has ever recorded which ultimately lead to Sahil winning his IFBB classic bodybuilding division and also going on to take out the overall classic state title beating other competitors almost 20kgs heavier than him. This was all on a vegetarian diet closely monitored by our Nutrition coach Jessica.

ICN natural Olympia top 5 Bikini international competitor

Charlee Philips

Coach Shayne Smith

Charlee Philips
ICN natural Olympia top 5 Bikini international competitor
Coach Shayne

1st place Wff tall class and overall Bikini winner


Coach Shayne Smith

1st place Wff tall class and overall Bikini winner
Coach Shayne

Ifbb pro league bikini top 3

Nat Cole

Coach Shayne Smith

Nat Cole
Ifbb pro league bikini top 3
Coach Shayne

Ifbb pro league bikini top 3

Renee Dick

Coach Shayne Smith

Renee Dick Ifbb pro league bikini top 3 Coach Shayne

1st place amateur World champion fitness model UFE

Sasha Heber

Coach Shayne Smith

Sasha Heber
1st place amateur World champion fitness model UFE
UFE professional fitness model athlete.
Coach Shayne



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